About Us

About us

Our founders were frustrated web hosting customers just like you and started the Web Hostess in February 2003 because of the annoyances of big money hosting and free hosting. We finally provide a package that gives you cheap domain name registrars and also reliable web business hosting services. All the hosting services you want for one of the lowest prices you will find here and you need to pay per month for complete hosting services. This aggressive and bold move has been planned out every step of the way and we are here to stay no matter what! We give more than enough disk space and traffic allowance for most sites. Only when you’re successful do you pay more. No matter what you get access to all the services we have to offer. No annoying upgrading necessary. No incomplete services. We offer just about everything you may need all in one place. We can host any website from personal to sophisticated business sites. We prove that these companies charging you hundreds of bucks a year are just out to make big money off you. Those of you who have a personal site, are just starting a business or just want to save your money can abandon those free hosts forever. Why should you and your visitors have to put up with cheesy banners, annoying pop-ups, spam, little or no support, and severely limited services.

How can we charge only a dollar a month? First of all maintaining a hosting service isn’t as expensive as many of these companies would like you to believe. Like most corporations they want to provide the most minimal product or service for the largest amount of money they think you will pay to make the largest profit possible so a few guys can be rich. Frankly all the services we provide are already on our servers as they are on many other hosting services. They choose to dumb services down or hold them back from you so they can get you to upgrade and make their various packages sound like their worth a lot of money. We think you’re smarter than that.

We also save money in many areas that have nothing to do with the hosting itself. We don’t have an expensive merchant account to accept payments from you. This is a strategic decision on our part. You may think a “real web business” should accept its own credit cards, but how many hosting companies do you know that have trusted household name recognition? Do you really feel safe giving your credit information to all these companies. We use the trusted well known third party of PayPal to collect your fees. We know how it is once a hosting company has your credit card. They sometimes like to charge for extras you never ordered, double charge, and keep charging you after you cancel. They really hope that you don’t ever pay attention to your credit card statements. With PayPal we only get money when you send it, or cancel your subscription if you prefer that method. You can cancel your hosting by stop paying. You can choose month-to-month payment or a subscription, whichever you prefer. No need to mess around with the hosting company just to be free. We also don’t spend money on expensive marketing campaigns or a fancy website. We appreciate any word of mouth advertising and maybe you can help out some of those poor souls at the free hosting companies. We concentrate on reliable hosting and customer support.

With some free hosts you can’t even get support. Some of you probably just gave up and signed up for a new account at the same site. Some actually have you pay for support or priority support. Many take their good natured time to get back to you or ignore you. We believe that every dollar counts so you have priority with us 7 days of the week. So why not give us a try. You got nothing to lose but a $1.00!