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A web hosting service is an internet hosting service that gives their website accessible and make their website via www. Www is known as World Wide Web. Web hosting company provides space on server and control the traffic on site which is use by clients. There are many sites on internet which provides free website and domain for some small region use. So some we can get free advertisement website for individually use. These free sites used for advertisement purpose. We can promote our business via internet. Before start a business we need a own website to advertise it. People can see about it easily. So we need to book a unique domain name for business purpose. We can book free domain name via these sites. There is another type of web hosting sites which is used for business purpose. Business web hosting sites are expensive and payable because it depending upon size and type of website. These types web hosting has own database. There are many application platforms for page such as PHP, JAVA, ASP.NET, and Ruby on rails etc.

How to choose the best web hosting

A cheap web hosting agency provides services for small size website and cheap web hosting agency also provide business web hosting also which are used for e-commerce. Web hosting agency also provides a control panel for managing web pages and servers. There are many types of web hosting like cloud hosting, green web hosting, shared hosting, dedicate servers hosting, small business web hosting, free web hosting, reseller web hosting, grid hosting, clustered hosting etc. All these types of web hosting services can run Web servers. A shared web hosting means many users for single web server and shared among every user account on the machine. Shared web hosting is generally used for bloggers, small business, e-commerce stores, website designer etc. A VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is same as dedicate hosting. The advantage of that you get all flexibility and security of a dedicate server in a small price.